Shift From Traditional to Future-Proof IT Infrastructure

Cloud-N provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) that allows businesses to scale their IT resources on-demand, quickly & easily. Whether you are running applications that sharing files to millions of mobile users or you are supporting critical operations of your business, Cloud-N provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources.

Key Benefits

Cost Efficient

Instead of purchasing IT hardware upfront, Cloud-N customers will only need to pay based on they need

Speed of Scalability

Resource is available on-demand whenever you need, there will be no delays in expanding capacity or any wastage of unused capability

High Reliability

With combination of large quantities of hardware resources, should one aspect of the hardware fails, the service will be unaffected

High Accessibility

Cloud-N service can be accessed from anywhere worldwide using direct connections, internet or VPN, depending on your security protocol preference and application/user needs

Cloud-N IaaS Offers managed

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